• Hackers

  • Hackathon Organizers

  • Live Updates

    Your hackathon changed events last minute? No worries. Our notification system allows contestants and organizers to view up-to-the-minute update

  • Content Management System

    Hackathon organizers can manage their information easily with our state-of-the-art content management system.

  • Geolocation

    With WolfBeacon, you can view upcoming hackathons by location. If it’s far away,
    we’ll let you know if travel reimbursements are available.

  • Personalizeable

    WolfBeacon can be personalized to match individual needs. Build your hacker profile with badges, hacker points and

  • Notification

    Out notification system reminds contestants when hackathons are starting and ending in 5,10,15, minutes.

  • Free Publicity

    On top of a management system, your hackathon is publicized to a community of 5000 hackers and counting.